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P is for Pandemic

P IS FOR PANDEMIC is more than a tongue-in-cheek alphabet book. Its colorful pages and rhyming couplets, written by Emily Anne Tkaczibson, cover some of the shared experiences of 2020 that will live in our cultural memory for decades to come, from COVID-19 and summer protests to historic wildfires and Presidential elections. This book opens doors for conversations with kids about what 2020 was like for their family, inviting adults to reflect on a remarkable year and all the humor, sadness, hardship, and hope that came with it. Through a sort of "We Didn't Start the Fire" sequence of events, kids can explore 2020 from the relative safety of the future with the cute and curious Quinn.

*At this time, we are only shipping books to the US. If you are international, please send us a message so we can work with you! Note that we also have an Ebook available for purchase!

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